Gift oder Gabe

Poison or gift

In the photographic work „Poison or Gift“, plants that are considered poisonous today are staged. The portraits of these dangerous yet sometimes useful plants show their splendour, danger and tell many a traditional story.

Dear Dandelion

Our neighbour pays the children 1 cent head money per bloom. Why?
So you don’t turn into a puffball. But why is this not allowed?

Dandelion, you excess of fruitfulness, 5000 seeds gliding out every year,
surpassing 100 metres. Enemy of the lay gardener. You spread across the beds,
dodging the blade again and again.

Puffball, you are the child star in the springtime. Only grown-ups revile you.
I too have cut you down, but only to protect your splendour. The wind is getting stronger;
I take my gift into the house.
Gardener’s luck!

Splendour & Glory


Insects. Buzzing through the air. Running across table and walls. Lying between window panes. Lifeless in corners. Covered in dust. Often incomplete. Fragile. Portrayed on stage, illuminated, aglow with idiosyncrasy and grace, resplendence and magnificence, seemingly mother-of-pearl, velvet and silk – in the end, dust.


Petals dry up and skin loses its elasticity.
Leaves detach and muscles weaken.

Stems soften and bones become less sturdy.
Ageing is a biological and advancing process.

In both plants and people.

Colour, material and shape change in the rhythm of ageing.
This can lead to fear and uncertainty. We cannot stop decay, but we can change our perspective on this phenomenon of life.