Motherly love: What does it mean in life with severely mentally disabled children?

Photographer Sebastian Schmidt explored this question in interviews with mothers of adult children with mental disabilities. Excerpts from the interviews are captured on transparent paper through which the illuminated portraits shimmer. The photographs become visible as soon as the transparent papers are lifted. A sound installation involves the children.




We are at the mercy of a nature that is itself.

It does not care about us as individuals,

it does not care about us humans.

It is not at my disposal,

It is beyond the reach of my rationality,

it makes me a speechless part of its aimless presence.

I recognise my existence in a life that is what it is.


Full Moon

In such a night

your silver fish eye stares holes in my soul

Endless crushed feelings fall like icing sugar

silently and gently through the sieve

on the lukewarm dough of the past

And the darkness purrs contentedly

and eats his fill


Jessica Schmidt-Kurschat,

CoroNation: Gedichte in bibolaren Zeiten.

Independently published (22. Februar 2022)