Love of fate

Already Nietzsche taught us to accept the „being in all that is“. Surrender.

I surrender myself. To an old analog camera that only sometimes does what it is supposed to do. A defective shutter only allows chance, fatefully depicts periods of time. Beyond all control.
I surrender to this coincidence and allow what shows itself. I let happen, moments stretch, let depict on negatives. I surrender, the mystery, the arbitrariness, allow chaos, loss of control, to realize how much more it shows when we let ourselves in. To time, to give time, to light, to give space, to pay homage to chance as a unique event.
Images show up that we cannot see in our momentary perception, in this short time interval of the moment. Images full of density, presence, essence, depth. Everything is dynamic change. Change is the only constant and reshapes reality in every moment.

Reduce to the max

Reduce the taste to the essential
and combine your food like a painting.
As an artist, I create the dish and orchestrate the artwork.

I see. I taste. I smell. I perceive: it’s about the synthesis of textures, tastes, harmonies, pairings, contrasts, polarities, dynamics, lines, colors and shapes. The potentiation of the senses and the final reduction to the essentials – absolute pleasure for the eye and the palate. All real. Everything delicious. Everything absolute.