Portrait of a Lady

The series „Portrait of a Lady“ consists of 15 portraits of women from my extended personal circle. The works were created in their homes, incorporating their familiar environment and treasures from their personal collections. As part of our getting to know one another, I gained insights into entire worlds of stories from lives richly lived, insights that helped me to visualise the wonderful personalities of these women. The staging process allowed me to create a framework in which the women were allowed to tell their own stories, utilizing their own deep self-understanding and charisma. I was fascinated to realize that in addition, a female archetype became recognizable, one in which not only their own roots but those of an era seemed to live on. Working with these ladies revealed to me how the outward expression of a life fully lived enriches the definition of beauty.


Bathing („Im Bade“) – a painterly study of the female body

This is a series of female portraits, capturing intimate moments of reflection and stillness. The physicality of each woman’s body struck me in its beauty and gave me a sense of their being and quiet strength.



The glow of light painting allows new creatures to emerge; human structures seem to rearrange themselves and blend into chimeric forms. The resulting photographs set the scene for diverse states of organic nature (thanks to Francis Bacon). 


Eine Grenzstudie


In Organis Veritas

In her series „In Organis Veritas“, Sabine Dobinsky succeeds in capturing magical moments from the scenes of our everyday professional life. Her photography shines a light onto our normally rather hidden guild and lets us speak as pathologists in the service of life (Michael Schwabe, Pathologe).