Social and distance, Kunst-und Projekthaus Torstraße 111, 2020

Social and distance are opposites. Social and distance are crisis. Social and distance are a way out and a challenge. Social and Distance describe the work in our exhibition. In the work “Relief” by Martin Tscholl we experience the ecological coexistence of lichens on sandstone, colored, playful and following a secret order. In her sensitive work „Im Bade“, Sabine Dobinsky portrays the beauty of the body that becomes visible through an inner attitude in studies that appear timeless. Ruslan Hrushchak approaches a woman’s body, full of love and amazement, full of strangeness – because it remains „your“ body, even if „she“ is his wife. In his latest work “orbis pictus”, Rainer Enke deals in a contemporary, artistic way with the book of the same name that was published 350 years ago in Nuremberg – the first book with which children were able to explore language and thus a new world through images. The scores of the Canadian composer Michael Matthews have moved away from the sheet of music, thrown the bondage of representation and cheekily begin a life of their own as abstract, photographed forms. Henning Willer observes how young people in rural areas learn to drive a moped, and thus the interplay of strength and control, of speed and standstill. The works “Current Traces” by the lecturer and artist Ludwig Rauch show in a poetic way how materials, structures, micro- and macrocosms are rearranged according to vibrations and impacts.