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From a life of music to a world of photography, Peter Eastway interviews composer Michael Matthews

Canadian-born Michael Matthews is a musician, composer, professor and photographer. A Google search will reveal he is well known and highly applauded in the world of music, with many works and recordings to his credit. He has devoted a lifetime to his music and now in retirement, he is applying himself with equal intensity to the art of photography.

Leica camera blog has published Ruslan Hrushchak series „Athos“

…“Ruslan Hrushchak’s photography has always been defined by a great interest in nature and in his fellow human beings. In Greece, he discovered a place where timeless quiet has persisted for centuries: the Orthodox Monastic Republic of Mount Athos. With a Leica M10 and three different lenses, he was well equipped to highlight both of his interests, as he captured the particular atmosphere of this autonomous peninsula.“ …